CHANGHONG: 892 m2"Forbidden City"at CES 2015


To accelerate expansion of the North American market under smart strategy, CHANGHONGenlarged the booth area up to 892 m2, which makes Changong become one of the largest booths of Chinese Consumer Electronics brands.That fully shows CHANGHONG’s determination of accelerating international development.The booth extended Oriental art style and show a visual cultural feast to visitors by the unique combination of the "Forbidden City" culture and products.


Facing with the new internet consumer electronics industry and morphology, CHANGHONG achieved the interconnection of intelligent terminal products and the construction of a completed home internet ecosystem by software-defined products, use of cloud services and big data platform.
CHANGHONG provides a set of smart home system solutions based on CHiQ series products.
CHiQ TV has achieved triple-play and allows consumers to "throw the remote control away ". CHiQ TV conquered consumers with its powerful features.


CHiQ refrigerator regards cloud image recognition technology as the core and achieves a two-way interaction between consumers and CHiQ refrigerator by integrating cloud computing, networking and big data technology.
CHiQair conditioner applies a variety of sensor technology to sense human body and the surrounding environment state. CHiQ air conditioner can dynamically and timely adjust parameters and change the wind direction, temperature and on-off stateaccording to the parameters.
General Manager of CHANGHONG, Liu Tibin, attended and addressed in CHANGHONGopening ceremony at CES 2015. Senior vice president of CEA - KarenChupka, President of IDG and President of GfK also attended the opening ceremony.



Mr. Liu said in his speech, CHANGHONGCHiQ smart life Museum officially opened and welcome all guests. That marksCHiQ as the representative of the world's leading new intelligent applicationof household appliances with IOT form formally enter the international market.

At CES 2015, CHANGHONG display a full set of high-end smart appliances – ChiQ TV, ChiQ refrigerator and ChiQ air conditioner, and 105-inch laser projector, smart phones and other end products. This is the first time that CHANGHONG display a full set of ChiQ brown and white products at CES after releasing CHANGHONG smart strategy.