Changhong Won “China’s 500 Most Valuable Brands” Again

 On 16th June, the world brand laboratory released 2015 the 12th China’s 500 most valuable brands in Beijing. Changhong brand value has already reached 113,518 billion RMB (about 18.28 billion dollars).

The ranking lists were based on analysis of financial, consumer behavior and brand intensity. In recent years, Changhong brand value has been rising. The world brand laboratory thinks that Changhong brand value grew rapidly mainly thanks to steadily promote the reform of state-owned enterprise, success of CHiQ products and further integrate into transformation and upgrading of the Internet.

Since last year, Changhong has strengthened the application of automation and information, and finally successfully built up three platforms of intelligent R&D, intelligent manufacturing and intelligent trading. Under the individual needs of consumers and the strategy of intelligent, Changhong has built up the intelligent manufacturing based on the mass customization.

Since January 2014, Changhong has gradually launched CHiQ TV, CHiQ refrigerator, CHiQ air conditioner, smart mobile phones and other smart products based on Internet. Moreover Big Data, Cloud Platform has been on-line and actively go toward the “Internet +”.

Liu Buchen, Senior home appliance analyst, said that Changhong has both the technology of home appliance manufacturing and the thinking of Internet enterprise at present. Changhong television, refrigerator, air conditioning, or a mobile phone, no matter which has exceeded the single level of product function definition. Changhong products have reached interconnection, intercommunication and interaction control under the support of Big Data and Cloud Platform.